10 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler for biomedical park

10 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler for biomedical park

Project Description

In the pharmaceutical industry, a large amount of steam generated by boilers is required to sterilize the instruments and equipment at a high temperature, and the heat source provided by the boiler is inseparable in the processes of drying and cooling of the drugs, tableting and granulating. Zhengzhou Lingkong Biomedical Park has established a service support system covering innovative research and development and mass production of pharmaceutical companies. It is an innovation and entrepreneurship base for life science and biotechnology research and development in Henan Province.In order to balance economic and social benefits, Linkong Biomedical Park provides steam support for the production and research of pharmaceutical companies in the park through the self-built energy terminal in the park. After rigorous market research, Linkong Biomedical Park decided to purchase high-efficiency and low-consumption gas-fired boilers as heat source equipment and reached cooperation with ZOZEN. After fully understanding the needs of the park, ZOZEN recommended one set of WNS series gas-fired steam boiler that can be aromatically and safely operated. This series of gas-fired boilers adopts the large-diameter corrugated furnace, which not only increases the heat transfer area, but also reduces thermal stress and improves the safety of the boiler. Meanwhile, in order to reduce smoke loss and reduce operating costs, ZOZEN also equipped energy-saving equipment at the end of its flue, making the thermal efficiency as high as 98%. In addition, WNS series boilers also have the characteristics of fully automatic intelligent control, easy operation, long-term safe and stable operation.

Customer Voice

When we first chose our partners, we were very cautious because the boiler equipment has a great impact on the R&D production of our entire park. ZOZEN was indeed a well-known brand. From the beginning of installation to the successful operation, there were special personnel to guide the whole process. In particular, the professional quality of ZOZEN service personnel left us a deep impression.

— Zhengzhou Linkong Biomedical Park

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