4 tph WNS condensing steam boiler project for paper industry

4 tph WNS condensing steam boiler project for paper industry

Project Description

In the corrugated paper processing line of the packaging industry, the steam boiler is an important heating system for increasing the temperature of the paperboard and is one of the essential equipment. Founded in 1995, Fuijian Nanan Lianfa Paper Industry Co., LTD. attached great importance to technical input and strictly controlled product quality. At the same time, they knowed thoroughly that the efficiency of boiler operation would directly affect the company's product quality and economic benefits. With the fierce market competition, Lianfa Paper decided to eliminate backward production capacity and introduce high-quality and high-performance environmentally friendly gas-fired steam boilers.After comparative analysis of many boiler products, Lianfa Paper was attracted by the excellent quality performance and environmental advantages of ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers. All longitudinal and circumferential seam welding adopts advanced submerged arc automatic welding technology and passes 100% radiographic inspection to prevent unqualified welds. The design of the large-diameter corrugated furnace of this series of boilers provides sufficient heating surface and steam storage space to ensure the stable and high efficient output of high-quality steam. With the energy-saving equipment installed at tail flue, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 60℃. The thermal efficiency is up to 98%, and the ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides can be easily realized, and the economic benefits as well as the environmental benefits can be improved.

Customer Voice

When we were selecting boilers, what ZOZEN attracted us was its good reputation and high-performance products. It had turned out that it was wise to choose to cooperate with ZOZEN. The boiler produced by ZOZEN currently played a non-negligible role in our production line. The boiler personnel reported that the boiler operation was very simple. Not only that, the boiler operation was stable and efficient, which greatly improved the efficiency of our production line and reduced the operating costs.

— Fuijian Nanan Lianfa Paper Industry Co., LTD.

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