10 tph SZL series coal-fired boiler for textile industry

10 tph SZL series coal-fired boiler for textile industry

Project Description

The process of dyeing, drying, pressing, sizing, printing and dyeing, shaping and other processes in the textile industry are supported by the steam. Therefore, steam boilers are important equipment to ensure the normal production process of textiles. SOORTY is one of the largest vertically integrated denim manufacturers from Pakistan. Production capacity of 60 tons yarn per day, 5.5 million meters fabric per month and 2.8 million garments per month makes them leader of the league.

In recent years, due to the increasing exports of textile and apparels in Pakistan, SOORTY's production lines are also expanding. Therefore, repurchasing steam boilers to meet the growing demand for steam is a top priority for the company. With the deepening implementation of the "Belt and Road Initiative" , China-Pakistan exchanges and cooperation in various fields are also expanding. Among them, China's industrial boiler industry has attracted the attention of Pakistani enterprises with advanced technology and high-quality products. This time, ZOZEN impressed SOORTY with its energy-efficient steam boiler system solution, and provided it with one set of 10 tph SZL series coal-fired steam boiler. This series of steam boilers has wide adaptability to fuels and can be fueled by various coal types in Pakistan. And it adopts dense water wall tubes and large furnace design to reduce heat loss and furnace heat load as well as preventing coking. In addition, This series of chain grate boilers is highly mechanized, effectively reducing labor costs.

Customer Voice

ZOZEN not only provided us with high-quality steam boiler, but also provided us with perfect service. From the beginning of installation to the successful operation, ZOZEN arranged technicians to guide us, which saved us a lot of installation costs.


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