4 tph DZL coal-fired boiler for cable factory

4 tph DZL coal-fired boiler for cable factory

Project Description

Yuanda Cable Co.,Ltd.---a high-tech company specializing in the research, product and sale ofpower cables, branch cables and computer cables. The cable manufacturingprocess includes three processes of mixing, extruding and vulcanizing. Duringthe extrusion process, overheating easily leads to scorching, but when thetemperature is too low, it’s hard to gel. In the vulcanization process, bubblesare easily generated when the temperature is too low or too high. Thetemperature and pressure requirements of every process are different, so thecontrol of cooking temperature and pressure must be precise and adjustable. In2011, Yuanda Cable had customized a 4 tph DZL coal-fired steam boiler at ZOZEN.This series carries out comprehensive safety monitoring of the boiler’s waterlevel and steam pressure, and it uses boiler safety control technology thatcomplied with EU coal-fired boiler standards to ensure boiler operates more safe and reliable. The automatic and interlocking control technology is used toachieve stepless speed regulation of grate.


Customer Voice

After more than oneyear of use, ZOZEN boiler not only has large steam capacity, high thermalefficiency and it adds coal and slag automatically, but also is suitable for awide range of coal, which saves fuel and is economic.

— Yuanda Cable Co., Ltd.

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