3.5 MW YQW thermal fluid heater for construction industry

3.5 MW YQW thermal fluid heater for construction industry

Project Description

Suzhou JOABOA Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrialcompany invested by SHENZHEN JOABOA TECH GROUP(hereinafter referred to as JOABOA TECH) in Qidu Town, Wujiang City, Annual Output is 20 million ㎡ self-adhesive (BAC, BS-P) buildingwaterproofing. 5 million ㎡ TPO/PVC buildingwaterproofing membrane, 2 million ㎡ building insulationplate and 10,000 sets of building water supply and drainage system. Due toproduction needs, Zhuobao purchased a 3 million kcal gas (oil) thermal oilfurnace at ZOZEN boiler. The boiler is designed with 3-pass round coil tube structure. The coil tube end adopts beam port to effectively protect the furnace wall at the boiler end. Thanks to advanced combustion devices. In combination with advancedcombustion devices, low-pressure and high-temperature heating can be achieved.


Customer Voice

The gas-fired (oil) thermalfluid heater of ZOZEN boiler is stable in operation, with complete safety devices, and features of energy-saving and high-efficiency. Therefore, our sister company JOABOA TECH purchased 4.2MW gas-fired (oil) thermal fluid heater ZOZEN boiler, a brother company JOABOA TECH also purchased a 4.2 MW gas (oil) thermal fluid heater partnership ZOZEN boiler. We have established a long-term friendly and cooperative relationshipwith ZOZEN boiler, and we are very satisfied with the products and services ofZOZEN.


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