17.5 MW YQL thermal fluid heater for chemical factory

17.5 MW YQL thermal fluid heater for chemical factory

Project Description

Honghai Chemical is located in Hekou Blue EconomicIndustrial Park, covering a total area of 540,000 square meters. It is aspecialized petroleum refining enterprise with petroleum processing anddomestic and foreign trade. Now Honghai Chemical has a 2.6million tons ofadvanced road asphalt processing equipment in the first phase, and 0.8milliontons/year of raw materials and processing, 1 million tons/year of wax refining,and 1.6 million tons/year of diesel upgrading and its supporting projects in the second phase. In 2015, it has been officially put into operation. Thermal fluidheaters undertake tasks such as material heating and material reactions in therefining and petrochemical production process. Because of the special processtasks they undertake, the thermal fluid heater has gradually become one ofthe important equipment in the production equipment of the oil refining andpetrochemical industries. In 2017, Honghai Chemical

 launched thethird phase project and they purchased a 17.5 MW vertical gas-fired thermalfluid heater(YQL-17500Q) at ZOZEN to fully promote the transformation of thetraditional petrochemical industry  and promoteproduct diversity.


Customer Voice

The three phases of the project formulated by Honghai Chemical Co., Ltd are designed to accelerate the upgrading and extendingthe industrial chain, which is more important for the future development of ourcompany. In the recent years, we learned that the ZOZEN has graduallybrought into line international standards. Now the ZOZEN boiler are soldin large quantities to Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, South America,Eastern Europe and African. We have cooperated with such powerful company like ZOZEN and we are very confident.

— Honghai Chemical Co., Ltd

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