9.4 MW YYW thermal fluid for textile factory

9.4 MW YYW thermal fluid for textile factory

Project Description

Henan Shunxiang Differential Fibre Products Co.,Ltd. mainly uses recycled polyester bottle tablets as raw materials to processand produce artificial down, tow, three-dimensional hollow and differentiatedfunctional fibers, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of differentiated fiberproducts. It is the largest domestic production of ultra-fine hollowimitation down production enterprises. In recent years, with the rapiddevelopment of the chemical fiber industry, there are more and more polyesterdevices in various regions, and the heating devices in polyester devices havealso become diversified. In addition, as the country promotes the replacementof gas for small boilers, the new chemical fiber and textile mills are nowforced to abandon coal-fired boilers and turn to gas-fired boilers. However,the consumption of gas-fired boilers is higher than that of thermal fluidheater. Considering several aspects, Shunxiang purchased a horizontalgas-fired thermal fluid heater (YQW-9400Q) to replace the originalcoal-fired boiler, which is highly efficient and can also save energy andreduce energy consumption.


Customer Voice

The technical team of ZOZEN boiler is particularlystrong and can customize the technical solutions according to our requirements.The commissioning process is serious and responsible. After the boiler is inuse, after-sale personnel continue to give technical guidance. We have nopost-sale risk and we are very satisfied.

— Henan Shunxiang Differential Fiber Products Co., Ltd.

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