14 MW SZS condensing gas-fired hot water boiler for heating
Beijing Feitai Urban Construction Property Management Company mainly manages property management and boiler heating. The company manages 6 residence communities
30 tph SZS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler project for chemical industry
Boilers are important heat source equipment for many chemical companies, and some chemical reactions must occur under certain temperature conditions. Lier Chemi
2.4MW YQW series gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heater for food industry
Chongqing Sanyi Food Co., Ltd. is a modern food enterprise engaged in the production and sales of hot pot butter products and hotpot seasonings. Sanyi Food c
10 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler project for chemical industry
The reaction link of Polymerization of epoxy resin has to be processed at an elevated-temperature, the heat source provided by the boiler is stable or not di
35 tph SHL series field assembled chain grate steam boiler for oil refining industry
In the refining industry, steam is the main factor affecting the energy consumption of enterprises, which directly determines the quality of oil products and th
1.4 MW thermal fluid heater in Singapore
SingaporeHighpoiymer Chemical Products Pte. Ltd.(SHCP)offers high quality unsaturatedpolyester resins for more than 50 countries worldwide. During manufacturing p
29 MW SZS gas-fired hot water boiler project for city heating
The gas-fired replace coal-fired heating project is one of the decontamination projects to improve air quality in Tianjin. As a result, the fifth gas-fired repl
6 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler for paper industry
On February 14, 2007, International Jifeng Packaging Group established Tianjin Jifeng Packaging Paper Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, to manufacture and sell corrugated b
 6 tph SZL biomass-fired boiler project for wood products industry
Wood processing is molding the wood under the action of a mould after being softened, bending the curve shape that the design requires, the following procedure
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