40 tph SZS series low NOx gas-fired steam boiler for pharmaceutical industry
Hebei Anguo Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park takes modern Chinese medicine and healthy food as the leading industriies. The industrial cluste
4.2MW WNS series heavy oil fired hot water boiler project for textile industry
Hot water boilers are used to provide heat energy or hot water. Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2003, mainly produces well-crafted hi
20 tph SZL series coal-fired boiler project for rubber industry
As the essential thermal equipment in rubber industry, steam boilers are widely used in the processes of rubber calendering, vulcanizing and drying; the perform
6 tph WNS series condensing gas-fired steam boiler for battery industry
In the technological process of the battery production, many key links are inseparable from the heat source provided by the boiler. Whether the boiler operatio
2 tph WNS condensing gas-fired boiler for feed industry
In recent years, the feed industry in China has developed rapidly, the scale of enterprises has been continuously expanded, production capacity has been greatly
6 tph WNS condensing gas-fired fire tube boiler project for chemical industry
Sichuan New Torch Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development of hydrogen isotope products, providing safe, stable and high-quality pro
10 tph SZS condensing gas-fired boiler for cable industry
Jiangsu Zhongmei Cable mainly produces power cables, fire-retardant cables for coal mines, various flame-retardant and fire-resistant special wires and cables.
4 tph DZL biomass-fired steam boiler for feed factory
Huagang Biological Feed Company was established in 2015 and is mainly engaged in feed processing and sales. Due to production needs, Huagang Biofeed added a 4 t
1.4 MW YYW thermal fluid heater for petrochemical factory
The mainbusiness of Rizhao Binhai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. includes the storageand transportation of petroleum products, liquid chemicals and otherpetrochemical
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